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About Us

Real Beaters is the only INDEPENDENT,

shoe authentication & grading company in the world. Our mission is to eliminate black market sneakers and promote worry-free International shoe trade. Real Beaters offers the choice to either have sneakers authenticated, or to also grade the condition of the shoes as well. We are the ONLY authentication service utilizing, tamper evident, Fraudstopper technology in our packaging which ensures the reliability and accuracy of our services. We offer high resolution images of all sneakers to enable sellers the opportunity to advertise and quickly sell sneakers online, as well as give buyers the ability to verify unique ID#'s for all sneakers in our online database.

Fraudstopper Seal and a Unique ID#

Real Beaters is the ONLY service that provides the assurance of knowing your sneakers were not worn or switched after being graded and/or authenticated. Fraudstopper technology is the standard to which all tamper evident packaging is held to, by banking and other industries worldwide.

Strict Evaluation of Condition

No more are buyers stuck trusting outdated pics, or inaccurate descriptions, bait and switch etc.. We ensure the quality of every submission using our proprietary grading methods. The verifiable Unique ID assigned to each and every pair of sneakers we handle is able to be verified online 24 hours/day.